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2024 Wedding Trends

With the start of 2024, we are thrilled to unveil the defining trends of 2024's summer and fall weddings, showcasing reimagined bridal party dynamics, vibrant '80s aesthetics, and a strong emphasis on sustainability. As experts in crafting unforgettable weddings, our focus is on seamlessly integrating these trends into your special day, whether through seated bridal parties, bold floral arrangements paired with pearls, or embracing.

Nuimage entertainment


Seated Bridal Parties: Say goodbye to traditional standing bridal parties and welcome the intimacy of seated gatherings. Our event services extend beyond merely providing a space; we craft an ambiance that fosters closeness and togetherness. With our expertise in custom dance floors, dance floor concepts, and interactive games, we create an atmosphere that encourages interaction, making your seated bridal party a memorable and inclusive affair.

High-Impact Florals and Pearls in Decor: At NuImage, we understand that details matter. Our professional photography and videography services capture the essence of your high-impact floral arrangements, expertly incorporating the timeless elegance of pearls into your wedding decor shots. From close-up shots of vibrant bouquets to the delicate embellishments of pearl accents, our photography and videography teams ensure these elements shine in your visual memories.

'80s Aesthetic and Bold Color Schemes: Infuse your celebration with the vibrant energy of the '80s! Our DJ services and live bands are adept at curating playlists and performances that encapsulate the boldness of the era. Moreover, our uplighting services elevate your venue, bathing it in vivid hues that complement your chosen color scheme, creating a visually stunning atmosphere.

Sustainable Weddings: Sustainability is more than a trend—it's a commitment. NuImage's dedication to eco-conscious practices resonates throughout our services. From locally sourced sweet treats and desserts to our commitment to minimizing waste through sustainable event planning, we ensure your celebration leaves a positive impact on the environment.

Tech-Savvy Wedding Planning: Embrace the future of wedding planning with NuImage's cutting-edge audio and visual services. Our advanced tech offerings include affordable and quality video packages and state-of-the-art audio and visual services. Additionally, our cocktail hour magic performances and entertainment performers captivate your in-person guests, ensuring everyone feels connected and engaged.

Monograms and Branding: Elevate personalization with our monogram and branding services. Our acoustic guitarist can serenade your guests with personalized melodies, while our photo booths offer customized prints adorned with your monogram, creating lasting mementos for everyone.

With all those trends in mind, our experts at NuImage are ready to seamlessly incorporate any of these trends into your special celebration in 2024. Contact our team at NuImage Entertainment to discuss ways we can make your wedding a success in 2024. 


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