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4 Tips for Dealing with Wedding Planning Stress

Recently engaged and ready to bring your Pinterest wedding inspiration board to life? You are in the right place. Here are four tips to help you manage the stress of wedding planning!

Hire a Planner Weddings are all in the details! With everything from booking the venue of your dreams to picking the perfect floral arrangements, there is so much to keep track of! So do yourself a favor and hire a planner to assist you throughout the process. At NUImage Entertainment, we specialize in making one of the most special days of your life one to remember. With over 30 years of experience and over 4,000 weddings under our belt, we know how to bring your dream wedding to life! Pick the Right Vendors The importance of choosing the right vendors cannot be understated! Conversations with your partner about goals, budgets, and expectations at the beginning of the wedding planning process will ensure less conflict and, most importantly, less stress. While choosing vendors, be clear about what you want to avoid mistakes and mishaps from everyone, from the florist to the caterer. Consider NUImage Entertainment for your DJ services, photography, or even our unique dance floor concepts. Give Yourself Time to Plan Wedding planning is already stressful, so don’t put yourself under even more stress by planning on a time crunch. Instead, keep your planning realistic and be aware of waitlists or items on backorder. A realistic timeline will minimize stressful situations and allow your wedding day to be everything you want and more! Make Time for You Don’t let the stress of wedding planning overwhelm your day-to-day. Make yourself a priority throughout the process, whether it be through booking a massage, reading a book, or having a spa day with friends! By taking time to destress and recharge, you are giving yourself the capacity to be fully present in the planning of your wedding. We hope these four tips will help you minimize stress during your wedding planning experience. Don’t forget to consider NUImage Entertainment for your wedding planning needs. We can’t wait to help you bring your ideas to life and maybe even your Pinterest inspiration board too!

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