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5 Reasons To Get Married During The Week

If you've recently gotten engaged and are considering selecting a date for your wedding, we would like to suggest considering a weekday celebration. Not only is it unique, but also cost-effective as our team is currently offering a 20% discount on DJ packages for weekday weddings (Monday to Thursday).

Here are five more reasons why a mid-week wedding would make sense!

Secure Your Dream Venue

  • There are only so many weekends in a year, which means popular venues get booked fast! Want to secure that relaxing beachfront venue? A weekday wedding may increase those chances and ultimately bring your dream wedding to life!

Take Advantage of Competitive Food & Beverage Pricing

  • Although the cost of food from Thursday to Saturday will remain stagnant, many catering companies will offer competitive pricing for the equipment and delivery portions of their services. Many catering companies may even throw in a signature drink or appetizer as part of their weekday wedding package!

Make Transportation Easier

  • Allow guests to avoid the dreaded weekend travel rush with a weekday wedding. A weekday wedding will make travel both less stressful and less expensive. Guests will be able to save money on airfare or train tickets and even save time if traveling by car.

Get Better Photos (Hopefully)!

  • Iconic city landmarks often make for the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos. However, these photos may be hard to capture during busy weekend days. A weekday wedding will likely make photos easier to capture without a tourist getting in the way of your shot!

Celebrate On A Meaningful Day

  • Interested in combining your special day with your favorite holiday? A weekday wedding is a great way to bring a fun, lighthearted theme into your special day. So many holidays fall on a weekday, giving you so many options to choose from!


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