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Planning a wedding in 6 months? No Problem!

Our number one tip when planning a ‘last-minute wedding’ is to think about...YOU! What are your priorities? Whether it’s a specific location or special food, pinning down your preferences will make the last-minute planning more manageable. We have our top 4 tips we wanted to share to make your 6 months away wedding planning possible.

Invites: It’s 2021...Go Paperless!!

Not only is this good for the environment, but for your wallet and your time limit. You will get faster responses, and you have a digital track of who can and cannot attend--easy! We have some recommendations for websites for you to make your life a lot easier: &

Connections: It’s All About Who You Know!

Whether your friend is a garden expert and can help you with your floral arrangements, or your cousin is dating this new guy who would be a killer live performer--USE YOUR CONNECTIONS. Especially with last minute wedding planning, there is no one more eager to help you than the ones you love.

Support Local: Use What Ya Got!

This one kind of goes along with’s all about who you know. Local shops, whether that is a liquor store to get the alcohol for your bar, or a bakery to get your cake are more likely to agree to helping you on short notice because chances are they know you! Supporting local shops is not only good for you, but good for that small business--it’s a win win!

NuImage: Your One Stop Shop

We can absolutely help you out right here at NuImage, we are a one stop shop! Not only do we have DJ and lighting services, we also have photography and videography services that will make your special day one to remember. It’s all about the little things. Don't think you have enough time to book uplighting? Think again, we also have that at NuImage and would love to assist you on the day of your dreams! Give us a call or visit our services to check out all we can help you with!


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